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June 17, 2012
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Behind the portrait. by Pindakees Behind the portrait. by Pindakees
Which is me. This time without a camera in my hand for once.

I felt like editing this.
I wish I could get angelbites..
I wish I could dye my hair Lightning pink.
I wish I could be covered in tattoos.
I wish I was skinnier.
I wish I was different.
I wish I could wear different clothing.
I wish, I was a guy...

None of them are much of a secret.
Ugh I wish I wish.... I want too much.
But I cant, so my dolls will do it for me.
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sorghum1818 Dec 30, 2012
You are so cute ! And I loved your work with dolls . I jus have a question . Why do you wish you were a boy ? I'm sorry , I don't mean to be rude , seriously! I'm just curious . Don't be mad plaese hahaha
Ohhhh no no thats quite alright. I wish I could explain... However. I dont know. ITs just how I always felt. I was mostly one of the guys as a kid, didnt exactly dress like it. But I hated girls stuff, even untill this day. Im one of those nerdy gamers. Im not prude at all (not that thats exactly a girl thing) but I guess it happens more frequently amongst them. And yeah I dont know, ive never been interested in dressing up much or as a girl, makes me uncomfortable. Its a weird thing you feel like, being trapped in the wrong body..
I got it! Is so nice of you to reply me !! Its good to know more about you.But seriously ,I know how it feels not to be who you expected to be. I have a lot o trouble , not beacuse I'm unsatisfied with who I am , but how I look like. I'm from Brazil , and here is not really easy to be accepted if you are a Chubby person. Belive me , I am hahahah . Because of the stereotype of skinny and tend girl that every brazilian girl should be hahah. Sorry , I spoke too much n.n hahah Where are you from ?
Chubby? Whaatt.. I love chubby persons. Or well it depends, I just believe women with lumps are by far more beautifull then any bony skinny out there. I'm sorry thats how it is down there, but I'm pretty sure that's almost everywhere. Except Asia, I think if you're fat/chubby/lumpy there. You're screwed. Since almost everyone is so thin.
Nonetheless, there's always gonna be diversity. It sucks people believe in this age you should starve yourself to be pretty. "no pain no gain" fuck that. That's a horrible motive if you ask me. I wonder where it went wrong when Marillyn Monroe was considdered the most gorgeous women out there, and believe, she wasn't at all skinny..

I'm from the Netherlands haha.. Cold/hot country. We get those crazy cold winters, and yet crazy hot summers. It's annoying, but an okay place to live. Except everything is fucking expensive. If I ever were to live by myself I might have to win the lottery. Thats how bad it is right now.
Ahhahaha Netherlands? awesome! Really that everything is expensive there ? I thought that was only in Brazil. Seriously, here is everything so expensive that I think I'll only get out of my parents house when I get married. And it's not because I want, it's because ,if you want to get a house , or even an apartament you need a lot of money.And thanks, its nice to know that ,somehow ,I'm not that weird as I thought I was. hahaha. So , how old are you ? I'm 18 btw. hahaha. I wish I could live in the Netherlands. i LOVE winter, and snow and cold and everything !Here in Brazil we have 2 very distinguished seasons : hot and hell. hahaha Just kidding, but in the largest part of the country it is like that actually . Most of the people, when I say " oh I live in Brazil" automatically think about Rio de Janeiro. But Brazil is a lot more than that. I live in a City called Belo Horizonte. Means Beautyful Horizon.Would you mind telling me more about the Netherlands? Is my dream to visit that part of Europe.I've lived in Switzerland for a few years , so that's all I know about Europe.hahaha If you don't mind telling me , of course hahah *-* [link] ps: sorry for all the rigmarole ,it's bacause I'm so excited that I could taalk to you. I love your work with dolls and stuff. hahah
escolarina Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you're very pretty :) & i love your dolls too! :)
We all wish stuff.......I wish so much random shit.....and it depresses me because I can't have any of those wishes. And why don't you do all those things? like dye your hair...or get those areas you can change. Don't stay down because of the wishes you can't have (:

Oh and I love your art.
You look like my friend Shawnie O.o
What a name XD

Ive heard more often I 'look' like someone..
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