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January 13, 2013
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Frostbite. by Pindakees Frostbite. by Pindakees
Alright. Let me take a moment and tell some things about Kieffer. I never do and it has frustrated me how little some of you know about my dolls. Een though it's all in my head, it's all clear to me, but I'm sure it's not to others.

Kieffer's more of a ... Special doll, in my family. And with special I dont mean the teacher's pet. But I mean special because he's not exactly human. He's very sadistic and finds beauty in death. When he was younger, he lived together with another roommate. He was very lonely, depressed, skinny to the bone. He never ate. No one knew what was wrong with him, only that he couldn't stop loathing in self pity. Doing drugs, drinking, ruining his body. He was done with it at one point. He read upon certain things on the internet, about relationships with spiritual guardians. (guides.) Which as we all know as simply 'sex demons' or 'Incubus'. Which they're actually not, people think they're demons. The term scares people. But when done right, they're actually not out to harm you, at all.
Kieffer was completely fascinated by this idea, and he was so tired of being lonely. He performed a ritual. In exhange for his soul he would never be lonely again. And now he shares his existance with another presence. Which he slowly starts to get to know better, and actually feel, and see, in time. From the moment the entity took its first steps in his life, he started to change. He grew and got better, his mood improved, he started to gain weight. He no longer needed to cry himself to sleep with sleeping pills and alcohol. His skin grew fairer, smooth and beautifull, from being frail and bony he got curvy. And look healthy. And wherever he goes he carries a strong deep scent of desire along with him, making him more appealing to the eye, or any senses of human kind. Being blessed by his so called demon, and gotten this beautifull glow.

The presence of his 'incubus' has left him with a very dangerous curiousity towards the other realm, and actuall, maybe also non healthy interest in the arts of the devil and other demons. Even though he's aware his own guide isn't around to cause any trouble. He has grown too confident about his own existance. Believing nothing can hurt him, he likes scarification. Even though he can feel pain, it doesn't actuall hurt him like others, it fascinates him. He can lay outside in the snow, naked and feel nothing but contentness, or pleasure.
Although it doesn't mean he cant die. He can die of whatever injury like any normall human, the fact he cant feel too much pain alike many others, this is also his downfall, as much as the pain fascinates him, if he takes it too far, he riscs his life. Because pain is a natural respond for the body to aware us, that we might be in danger, and need medical attention. And Kieffer's senses dont warn him about this, at all. He might endure more then anyone else, but he can still die. Or know grieve, broken heart.

Which I'm sure everyone wonders. A Incubus, which is a love/sex demon (keeping it at spiritual guide but okay, lets say incubus) which means they have a intimate relationship. And yes that's true. However he also has a boyfriend, at the moment. If you make it clear what it is you want from your demon, whether it's monogamous, or not. You can still live a normall life, have a family, or kids. Demons can be very understanding, as long as you put down ground rules, and stick to them, and that goes both ways. Kieffer's just gives him a sense of protection, and yes they do share a bed. So to say >.> It's what he agreed on when he performed the ritual, however if he doesn't stick to his own promises, his incubus can get cranky too. It feeds on lust in the first place, he has to get it from somewhere. Though it doesn't mean they have to be actuall physical with each other, whatever Kieffer feels. His demon does too. Which, also goes both ways. Which makes Kieffer perhaps so appealing to the eye, or others in general. He just has a very sensual vibe/aura around him.

Ok, so I cant find the words today to express myself at all XD but that's just a sort of thing I can mention. I guess, it's a short something about Kieffer. Which I should do more often, definitely... This is just a small thing, it doesn't tell shit about his living conditions or whatever, but if anyone's interesting I can ofcourse tell more some time. Basic stuff. ^^;;...
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I would love to hear more about him it sounds really interesting!
Pindakees Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
I think I will soon actually!
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lol it almost looks like she is flicking me off...
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A very fascinating story, and character!
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Love from Beijing, :kiss: Amazing work!
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He has such intense beautiful eyes. Very interesting story- I never would have known any of that about him.
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Awww, see! XD Thats why I should do this more often T^T
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